We started Merchant Enterprises in 2001 as an ATM deployment company. We felt that, in general, our competitors lacked good service and in some cases, honesty. So we decided we’d bend over backwards for our customers and be totally transparent in order to form a true partnership, not just a vendor relationship.

Not taking shortcuts and always doing the right thing paid off. After a few years in the ATM industry, customers started asking, “What else can you do for us, can you guys do our credit card processing?” So in 2004 we became a registered credit-card processing company with Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX, and added POS system sales and processing.

Today, Merchant Enterprises offers wholesale credit-card processing rates for everything from an online shopping cart, to a restaurant on Michigan Avenue, to a wireless credit-card terminal for a plumber. And we have an array of terminals—including full-scale touch screen POS systems—for a fraction of the price.

We’ve grown to be one of the largest ATM sales companies in the U.S., and have ATMs deployed from New York to California. Merchant Enterprises also processes ATMs, and provides vault cash loans and armored car service for banks, as well as other ATM companies. And we’ve introduced cutting-edge technology that allows owners to monitor their ATMs from a laptop or cell phone.

Our current services are more robust than when we started Merchant Enterprises, but we haven’t compromised our core value of providing superior service and honesty, while creating a true partnership with our customers.

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For questions, quotes, more info — or just to see if you’d like working with us — please call us at 773-296-0500 (or 866-MEI-ATMS), e-mail: info@merchantenterprises.com, or you can use this form to e-mail us too.

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