Custom ATM Installations

Looking to get an ATM for your business location? Or have one already, but want a better monthly return? Merchant Enterprises specializes in ATM sales and processing — and we won’t be beat on price. We’ll help get you the most out of your investment.

If you’re just getting started, we have two options: purchase or free placement:

1)    If you’d like to purchase the ATM outright, we’ll provide free processing, as well as a software system that lets you log in from your computer/phone to see every transaction in real time.

2)    Or we can deploy one to your business for free: We’ll place an ATM in your business (which includes the tracking software), keep it stocked with cash — and actually pay you rent in most cases. We offer the top-notch Nautilus Hyosung brand for both purchase and free placement.

If you already have an ATM installed, call us and we’ll offer a competitive surcharge rate. Whichever route you choose, if you decide to work with Merchant Enterprises, we’ll make sure you have the tools to keep tabs on your business.